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The Trial


The Time

Our trials are 45-90 minutes long. This includes TWO looks ONLY

The Location

Trials are done at our home studio in Commack by appointment only,

Clip in Hair Extensions


We recommend 95% of our brides to use clip-in hair extensions on their wedding day. Most bridal looks are full, voluminous styles. We recommend at least 220 grams of Foxylocks (Please send a photo of your hair and your inspo picture if you need us to help with the length). In order to keep your hair lasting all night it is important you do NOT buy cheap hair extensions. If you want to see how extensions look before purchasing, we have some at our studio we can use on you for the trial for an additional fee.


Please send us inspirational photos or videos of the looks you are looking to achieve. Please have front photos as this is the most important part. We recommend finding front photos of yourself of times you have gotten your hair done when you hated and loved it. It is good for us to see what you like and more importantly what you do not like

Trial Hair Prep

The condition of your hair prior to your trial day is very important! Dirtier hair the better! We recommend washing your hair a day or 2 prior unless you have hair that gets greasy quickly.  If you have naturally curly hair and you do not want your natural curls for your wedding hair getting a straight blowout prior is required. Blowouts are not included in the price. Please do not use any flat irons or curling irons. Blow drying your hair straight with no irons is best



The trial is a chance for you to really voice your opinion. Please do not be afraid to tell us if you absolutely hate something. We do NOT get offended if you don’t like something . The only way to achieve what you want is if you are 100% honest throughout the process

Trial Outfit

Hair Accessories

We recommend wearing jewelry and dressing up for the trial. Wearing white is a plus. It is sometimes hard for clients to envision the entire look when you are in sweatpants

Accessories make the bridal look. If you didn’t purchase a headpiece yet we do have some at our studio for the trial. If there is a specific headpiece you know you are purchasing we recommend waiting until you have it to do your trial

When to schedule your trial

Trials are exclusively for booked brides only. We recommend doing your trial 3-9 months before your wedding date. So many styles and Pinterest board ideas change leading up to your wedding, and what you may want now may change.

We do not do trials on the same day as engagement shoots or events. The reason for this is because during the trial we do more than one look and by the time we are done your hair tends to be messy and won't hold well due to all the style changes. The only time we will do your trial on an event day is if you are doing one style only.

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